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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Becoming an online business entrepreneur

Om Ganadhipatayah Namah!

Hello world.

I'm Dibban and I'm back to you with something new and different proposition. When you read the books that I gave you for free through my first blog, you have certainly understood what life is and how we all hold the key to turn our life in the way we desire. Through my Hypnosis and Meditation blogs, I have helped to release all your negative emotions. Through The Law of Attraction blog, I have provided you all that you need to understand the real governing factors of life -- the natural laws, how they work and how you could attune with nature and the Supreme Being to make these laws work in your favor.

By now, you must have identified your true potential. Your specific skills like creating or organizing or developing etc. must have been truly realized by you. You must have understood why you were not among the five percent of the mass that always reap the fruit of success, whatever social, political or economic situation they are put in, the real difference between you and him or her. You must have set your goals and are already on your way to make success kiss your toes.

Remember friend, earning a lot of money is not what real success is. Although 'success' is different for every individual concerned, as a whole it is nothing but "The Progressive Realization of a Worthy Goal", in the words of the great Earl Nightingale. It starts from the moment you think out of it, plan it sensibly, start putting it to action, persisting in your efforts and constantly innovating with newer ideas and it ends when you reap the result either in monetary gain or social fame or self-satisfaction, however you name it. I feel 'the most jubilant' when I find myself helping people in need, especially with motivation or physical labor. I am not rich enough to help people financially but I try to make it up in other fields. As I am teacher by profession, the best I could do is provide moral support, and sometimes technical support too with tools and resources that I could acquire or have with me.

So as I was saying, that as by now you have decided to grab the key of your life, you must be seeking an opportunity. You may not have great creative skills but you can definitely shine in other fields. And that's where I come in. The Internet and Online Business could be a great option for you if you possess the entrepreneurial mindset and want to have and run your own business. The internet has made it possible for everybody to share the skills, passions and knowledge with the rest of the world. With the internet, it is possible for you or for anybody to create a business which could support your goals, whatever they may be.You can turn it into a full time job and the soul source of income and afford the life you desire.

There are a number of Business Models that you can choose from to start your online business. In broader sense, they can be classified into four categories. Let's give a glimpse of each category.

1) Information Marketing -- Digital products like ebooks, audio books, videos, online courses or downloadable software are a few such products that you can sell through your website, or through email marketing or other various means. The selling is growing everyday and this could be a nice opportunity for you too to cash in if you have any digital product as stated. The finest part of this kind of business is that once you set up everything and automate it, it will virtually run all by itself allowing you more time to invest in creating or finding more such products and bringing newer dimension in your business.

2) Service based business -- Services like coaching, consulting, writing, graphic designing, programming etc. can be delivered through emails or telephone, if you feel you have expertise in some field and if you like working with people. Special knowledge is always paid for and your website could get you started in this regard.

3) Product based business -- Tangible products can also be sold through your website in the internet. Whether you manufacture or not, you could run the same wholesaling or direct selling business in the internet. A shop would fix you up to one single market. Direct selling will restrict you to work only in your local market. But when you go online with the same products, you get millions of customers globally according to the niche you have picked.

4) Affiliate Business -- This one, of course, is my favorite. If you roam around this blog, you will find a lot pages offering different products that include two of the above three categories. I am selling informative digital products & service based products which are not my own and I have hardly to care about any new product creation as well. All I have done is search the internet about informative or service based products who are offering affiliate partnership to sell their products. The quality of the product and the after-sales service are the headaches of the manufacturing company. I am just directing a probable prospect to the company's official website and the respective companies are paying me commissions for bringing them potential customers. The companies are also providing me with knowledge about basic advertising techniques and tools to market.

This fourth type of online business is probably the most popular form of making money on the internet. All you need to have is an eye-catching website and all you need to do is to master the internet marketing techniques by studying a little. Although it might take some time to find the right kind of product that will suit your desire to market and then to build the market of your own.

To ease your searching pains, I am providing here some top class online business opportunities. Go through them, study each opportunity for you may find the path to reach your desired goal in them, then think and chalk out your plan and start enacting those plans immediately. But first you'll need a website, so click here to get one. You may and will need some very important softwares as well to protect your online business as well as protect and enhance the utilities of your PC. So click here to get some such important tools and softwares. Once you are done with the basics, come back to this page to find your business opportunity from the list below.

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